Who is in charge?

Have you ever gone to an all you can eat buffet and noticed that some people load their plates down and others are very selective about what they put on their plates?  Why doesn’t everyone just pile their plates high?  Some people have been taught that it is wrong to take a lot . . . → Read More: Who is in charge?

Feeling Valuable in the Work Place

It is disappointing when we are picked last for the softball team.  It hurts when someone tells us we can’t sing or that the dog we just drew looks more like a deformed pig than a dog.  It put us in a place of feeling worthless.  So when we hit on something where . . . → Read More: Feeling Valuable in the Work Place

Feeling Worthy and Valuable at School

At some point you leave your family unit and you take your interpersonal skills and talents to school. Do you know how to share and negotiate or do you forcibly bully other children and take away toys?  Are you coordinated and athletic or do you drop balls and misfire wildly when you throw?  . . . → Read More: Feeling Worthy and Valuable at School

You are Valuable

There are Seven Lessons That You came to Earth to Learn.  If you miss one of these lessons it keeps being offered back to you over and over again until you learn how to navigate the lesson and feel happy and confident in your own skin.  No one can give you the right . . . → Read More: You are Valuable

Productively Grieving Job Loss

Losing a job is brutal whether it is expected or a complete surprise. It’s hard to say which situation is worse, the surprise layoff or the long dreaded firing… What needs to happen next is for you to go through the grief process. Everyone has their own pace, but if you would like to get through this dark night of the soul more quickly here are five tips: . . . → Read More: Productively Grieving Job Loss

When Bad News Rocks Your World

You may have been surprised by the bad news, but you don’t need to wonder around in a cloud of confusion while others are clear headed. . . . → Read More: When Bad News Rocks Your World

How Valuable Do You Feel?

Chances are you are not being paid in proportion to the value you are bringing a company. You could be depressed about your pay or you could wake up and consider your whole value. Consider what you give rather than what you make when placing a value on yourself. Time spent caring counts, whether it is for people, animals, or the environment. . . . → Read More: How Valuable Do You Feel?