The LifeLine Techniqueâ„¢

I take any sympton of pain, fear or stress you are experiencing, find your positive intention about the situation and then harmonize and reprogram every cell in your body to mirror your intention, so you can consciously attract your intention to you. (more about LifeLine Technique )

Are Emotions Running Your Life?

Learn how to Balance Your Emotions and live a life that doesn’t have so many unpredictable ups and downs. When these emotions get out of balance they can literally make you ill.
Are any of these problems ruining or running your life right now?

  1. You are lost in indecision. Even simple decisions are hard.
  2. You have low self-esteem and feel like everyone else’s feelings are more important than your own.
  3. You live in fear. You constantly imagine that things are not going to work out well.
  4. You are still processing grief. You have lost someone or something that was important to you and it is hard to focus on anything else.
  5. You are so angry all the time.

All of these responses create chemical reactions in your body that produce hormones like adrenalin that tax your system or cortisol that causes you to pack on extra weight. The good news is that you can learn to recognize the early warning signals for each emotion and stop them before they run away with you. Come to the Webinar and learn how to manage your emotions instead of having them run your life.