Like many people, I have had my share of illnesses. I became serious about searching for ways to heal when I received a diagnosis of invasive breast cancer. In addition, to doing the conventional healing methods chemotherapy, surgery, radiation, I started exploring mind body medicine. I knew that my mind was as important to healing because of the work of Norman Cousins, who laughed his way back to health. I watched happy movies while I was healing from cancer.

I became a certified hypnotherapist, and learned that the subconscious mind holds the key to healing. I also discovered the work of Louise Hay and her book You Can Heal Your Life. I went to my first I Can Do It conference in 2008. There I met Dr. Darren Weissman and I learned about the LifeLine Technique. I was astonished to see people with all sorts of different physical and emotional illnesses take major steps forward into health in an hour.

I signed up to take the classes that would allow me to become a Certified LifeLine Practitioner that day. Now I am so excited to be able to help others on their healing journey. I use LifeLine, hypnotherapy and coaching to help people identify the energetic reason for their illness or stuck feelings. I help them to release those energetic reasons and reprogram them for health, happiness and success.

I offer complementary consultations to discuss the best way to create health, happiness and success.