Defusing the Anger Time Bomb Aimed at your Spouse


Your second chakra is about passion in your life and passion sometimes includes anger as well as love.  The danger with holding angry, resentment or fear in the second chakra is that negative energy encourages a breakdown of the organs in your pelvic region.  In light of that information, you can see . . . → Read More: Defusing the Anger Time Bomb Aimed at your Spouse

Don’t go to Bed Angry

When I was a newly wed, I received the advice don’t go to bed angry.  I was young and the advice seemed silly and a little bit controlling.  I remember thinking I am entitled to my feelings and if I want to be angry I’ll be angry.  If my husband has upset me, . . . → Read More: Don’t go to Bed Angry

Who is in charge?

Have you ever gone to an all you can eat buffet and noticed that some people load their plates down and others are very selective about what they put on their plates?  Why doesn’t everyone just pile their plates high?  Some people have been taught that it is wrong to take a lot . . . → Read More: Who is in charge?

Value in Life Style Choices

It is wonderful to be an individual, to really live as you want to live and love who you want to love. When you are being true to yourself, you are different.  Sadly, for too long, different has been a code word for wrong. Different does not give anyone permission to hate. And . . . → Read More: Value in Life Style Choices

You are Eternal

You are eternal beings. You walk into this room, you all come willingly, and yet you have not committed your life to being in this room. In a few hours you’re going to get up and you’re going to walk out of here. And everybody’s going to say, that’s just fine. And yet, . . . → Read More: You are Eternal

Fear or Power

Fear stands for False Expectations Appearing Real… Power stands for Positive Observation Will Enable Rewards.I would rather use my energy to enable rewards than facilitate fear any day. . . . → Read More: Fear or Power