How Valuable Do You Feel?

If you have a job right now, you might think your value is equivalent to your salary. The truth is that the HR Department tracks salaries by job titles and it makes sure the company pays as close to the low end of the range as they can and still keep you coming back and working productively.  Chances are you are not being paid in proportion to the value you are bringing a company. You could be depressed about your pay or you could wake up and consider your whole value. Consider what you give rather than what you make when placing a value on yourself. Time spent caring counts, whether it is for people, animals, or the environment. Here are five tips to help you calculate your emotional self-worth by noticing how much time you are spending caring:

  1. Acknowledge the time spent on with your children.  Time spent at home, raising children is a very important. Have you ever seen a family where one parent dies or leaves the family never to return? The children walk around with pain in their eyes and the remaining parent works themselves to death trying to do everything for their children. Parents matter a great deal.
  2. Care for disabled or elderly parents.  Working day after day with someone who requires constant attention and care can be draining.  It is more so if you have to do it alone. Caring for fragile people who need individualized care makes a world of difference to your loved one.
  3. Where are you volunteering?  As a coach for youth sports, a room mother, a crossing guard you are keeping children engaged and safe.  Do you help out at your house of worship?  Do you work with a non-profit?  Do you help out at an animal shelter?  There are dozens of places where you can offer your knowledge and talents.
  4. What groups do you support financially? Maybe you feel like your life is consumed with work.  Giving financial support is also very appreciated by any non-profit.
  5. How much time do you spend in self-development?  You can’t give more to others if you well has run dry. Continuing to do self-development and work on the issues that you feel are holding you back. As you go through the growth process, it will help you maintain perspective on the challenges are facing.  Working in areas where you are not yet a master puts you in the mindset of those who are you are helping.

Check in with yourself. Are you feeling good or not so good? Count how many people are depending on you to support them financially, physically, and emotionally as you consider your value.  Are you helping animals or the environment?  Those acts count as well.  Regardless of the work you are doing or the number of people you are helping, rate yourself on the value scale of 1-10.

Take a breath how are you feeling about that number?

If you are not feeling good, you can change that.

Look for opportunities to give. One way is to go to a Web site like or  On volunteer match, you type in your location and the type of thing you would like to do.  I typed in my home town and animals and a dozen opportunities showed up.

If you are working in a caring capacity, but still don’t feel good about yourself, you can try some emotional freedom technique also known as tapping.  Here is a fun video to get you started It’s called the Tap o the Morning with Brad Yates.

This will set you up to have a great day, by releasing negative emotions.  As Brad says in his video, the emotional release can be profound.  You may find the experience a little overwhelming.  In that case, I hope you will give me a call and schedule a LifeLine session.  I work with people over the phone or in person.  LifeLine releases old blocks at the first occurrence.  It is a safe and easy way to correct past feelings of anger, low-self esteem, grief, fear, and that unfocused lost feeling.  Call me today 650-676-8159 or go to my appointment calendar and let’s set up time for you to let go of those old feelings that are diminishing your sense of value.

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