When Bad News Rocks Your World

Your boss lays you off right before the holidays.  Your spouse takes you to a restaurant in public so that when you get the news your marriage is over, you won’t make a scene. You find a lump where there wasn’t one before.

Each of these scenarios feels like a physical assault. You might feel better if it had been, because there would be some outward sign of your inner pain. Well meaning friends wouldn’t ask you, “What happened?” or “What’s wrong?”

You may have been surprised by the bad news, but you don’t need to wonder around in a cloud of confusion while others are clear headed.

Here are three tips for what to do when your world crashes around your ears.

  1. Don’t hold it in. Talk it over with a trusted advisor or a coach.  If you were blind-sided by this news, you may not be dealing with reality very well right now.  Talking things over with someone else will help you connect with reality.
  2. Get it out of your head.  Write down what happened in a journal.  Write down what was said and most importantly write down how you felt about it.  When it is down on paper you can analyze the situation rather than replaying it over and over in your mind.
  3. Imagine a response to the situation.  What would you like to do now? Even if it is something that you really can’t do right now.  Now try again, imagine something in a useful new direction.  Your imagination can be your biggest asset or your biggest problem. If you spend your time imagining positive steps that you can take to improve your situation, you will be able to put this situation behind you quickly.  If you dwell on revenge, blame, or hate, then your situation will take longer to improve and it might get worse before it gets better.
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