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Allow your goodness to flow through you today

Allowing your goodness to flow through you today, no matter what form it takes, no matter how simple it is will do more than any amount of worrying, fearing, or suffering can do in a million years. ~ Georgiann Voissem

Today I had the privilege of working with Georgiann Voissem Certified LifeLine Practioner.  The thing I most appreciate about Georgiann is her ability to work with each person exactly on the level they need.  I think of her as a soul mechanic with an awesome tool kit.  I wanted to release a troubling memory of being persecuted for healing and helping people in a past life.  I was finding that this memory was blocking me from wanting to be known as a healer in this life time.  You could call it something like writer’s block.  With writer’s block you stare at the blank page and wonder what you could possibly type that would make any difference to anyone.  With healer’s block, you just forget to mention that you can help shift a person’s thinking into a mode that invites healing rather than illness.  After the session was over, she asked me what I was going to do today and I said I wanted to write something useful for my blog but couldn’t think of anything that was useful.  And being the good friend that she is, she encouraged me to realize that it is better to allow anything to flow through me and reach out into the greater world than stifle myself with fear.  She gave me the beautiful quote:

Allowing your goodness to flow through you today, no matter what form it takes, no matter how simple it is will do more than any amount of worrying, fearing, or suffering can do in a million years.

In the LifeLine we learn that it is the emotions that we hold onto and bury become the seeds of future illness.  I believe Georgiann was reminding me that the opposite is also true.  When we allow our goodness to flow and touch others, no matter how simple that gift of clarity is, it plants the seeds of health.  So my friends, start where you are and do what you know how to do.  Don’t worry about it being big and dazzling because every day is not the fourth of July.  Individual acts of grace make the world better; especially as they multiply.

Health and healing is as close as a mouse click.



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