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The LifeLine Technique™

Bring me any sympton of pain, fear or stress you are experiencing. We will find your positive intention about the situation and create a power affirmation about what you want. I then harmonize and reprogram every cell in your body to mirror your intention, so you can consciously and subconciously attract your heart's desire to you. (more about LifeLine Technique )

Reconnecting body, mind, spirit
Kathleen Maxwell CLP, ESLC, CHT

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Seven Lessons You Came to Earth to Learn

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There are seven lessons you need to learn to own your own power.

  • Worthiness and belonging
  • Give energy to your dreams
  • Respect self and others
  • Receive and give love freely
  • Speak your truth with love
  • Seek clarity in your vision
  • Maintain connection to the divine

If you learn these lessons in a positive manner your life is balanced and energy flows. However, if you learn the lesson in a negative way, your energy becomes blocked, and life becomes a struggle.

Sign up on this page to recieve one lesson each day for the next seven days to learn how you became blocked and more importantly how to let go of the blocks and get the energy flowing again.

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You Came to Earth
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