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The LifeLine Technique™

I take any symptom of pain, fear or stress you are experiencing, find your positive intention about the situation and then harmonize and reprogram every cell in your body to mirror your intention, so you can consciously attract your intention to you.


Reconnect your body, mind and spirit with
Kathleen Maxwell CHT, CLP, ESLC.

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The five elements

The LifeLine Technique

Reconnects, Rebalances and Renews

When you pain, fear or stress in your life soon your emotions flow in a negative way. If the negativity continues your body starts storing these negative organs in various parts of your body. Store fear in your kidneys long enough and you might need dialysis to get them cleaned up. Pump enough sadness and grief into your pancreas and soon you are craving sweetness to rebalance your system. Run enough anger through you heart and you can literally burn it out in a heart attack. The ancient Chinese have know for years that your emotions effect your organ systems. They use acupuncture to correct the flow. Certified LifeLine Practitioners use the power of Infinite Love and Gratitude.

Love and Gratitude are the universal healing frequencies that can rebalance your negative energy and get flowing in a positive direction again. According to Dr. Darren Weissman, the creator of the LifeLine Technique, "The root cause of all symptoms, stress, and disease is the subconscious internalization, denial, disconnection, or loss of emotion... Every symptom, no matter what it is has an original story. The LifeLine Technique works like laser beam, discovering, harmonizing, and interpreting symptoms, stress, and disease from a subconscious perspective. Optimal health and thriving are a natural by product of living in Present Time Consciousness. Every cell in your body is design ed to heal, regenerate, and be whole."

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