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The Person You Need to Forgive is Yourself

You have a physical body and a light body. Your light body has seven energy centers called chakras that are arranged along your spine. When energy is blocked in any one of these chakras it diminishes the energy that is able to flow to the other energy centers. There are many ways that the chakras may become blocked:

  • through a trauma
  • through the harsh judgements of
    • family
    • coworkers
    • supervisors
    • people you once thought were your friends

You might even be angriest or most disappointed in yourself for costly or embarrasing mistakes you have made. Sometimes a memory is so painful that it pushed completely out of the conscious mind, but the pain lingers and festers in the subconcious. If you can remember event, you can forgive the purson who hurt you and yourself using the affirmations in The Healing Power of Forgiveness order your copy today. However, if you can't remember how you were hurt, you may need either a LifeLine session or some hypnotherapy to locate the memory and release it.

We will also walk through the forgiveness process in the seven part tele-class Forgiveness Power, enroll before October 13, 2009 and recieve a discount and bonuses. Learn more about the Healing Power of Forgiveness teleclass.

Seated Meditating Figure Show Chakra
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1st Chakra 2nd Chakra 3rd Chakra
4th Chakra
5th Chakra
6th Chakra
7th Chakra


Fitting in



Self Esteem

Approval Granting

Give Love

Recieve Love

Speak Your Truth

Live Authentically



Connection to Divine

Connection to Purpose



Blocked Creativity

No Emotional Connection

Self Dislike

Approval Seeking


Refuse Love

Say what others want to hear

Live to please others

Led by Ego


from Divine

Disconnection from Purpose